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The fact is, virtually ANYONE can track your every movement! With a little know how, your movement, texts, phone calls and email can all be accessed.

Virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the device powered off and the battery removed! It's true!

But only if there is a signal available... This is one of the key reasons why we've created the Block-it Pocketâ„¢ line of products. ( Read More )


100+ dB Attenuation
The Block-it Pocket works by incorporating high attenuating, or blocking materials like pure silver, copper, stainless steel and nickel onto a high quality fabrics. The result in the Block-it Pocket is 100+ dB attenuation.

These fabrics are then hand sewn into the the Block-it Pocket, extending beyond the cover to create a complete faraday enclosure. This is how the Block-it Pocket works! ( Read More )

Harmful Wireless Radiation

Block-It protects you from
Radiation from mobile phones and wireless devices have been scientifically proven to cause changes in cell structure, which can pose great risks to health, an authoritative two-year study has concluded.

In ground-breaking research on the effects of radiation on the brain - which has for the first time used human cells rather than rats - scientists found that even low-level emissions from handsets adversely affect cells. ( Read More )
Your Health and Privacy is important
In adherence to our Christian principles, we at Block-it Pocket believe that it is our duty to aid in informing and protecting your health and privacy, with the realization that we all play a role in either the advancement or detriment of humanity. (Read More)
There comes a time when every individual wakes up and realizes that they play a role in either the advancement or detriment of humanity. At Block-it Pocket, we believe it is our duty to aid in protecting and informing others. To adhere to our Christian principles and simply take action! ( Read More )


MADE in USA, 100% Money Back Guarantee
That is our foundation and motivation at Block-It Pocket. Doing our best to excel in product development, design and effectiveness, while working hard at improving our products. ( Read More )