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How It Works

Cell phones can operate with as little as 1-millionth of a normal signal! A minimum of 80 dB attenuation (blocking) material is required to achieve blocking, as well as a complete (no leak) seal. The Block-it Pocket works by incorporating high attenuating, or blocking materials like pure silver, copper, stainless steel and nickel onto a high quality fabrics. The result in the Block-it Pocket is 100+ dB attenuation. These fabrics are then hand sewn into the the Block-it Pocket, extending beyond the cover to create a complete faraday enclosure. This is how the Block-it Pocket works!

Our entire product line incorporates this technology
to maximize the protection each product is intended to provide. Extensive testing, as well as thousands of satisfied customers have proven that Block-it Pocket products work!

Many people also do not know that virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the device powered off and the battery removed! It's true! Just read this article we found recently to illustrate the remote, illegal accessing of wireless devices.
Who We Are And What We Do!
A Simple But Effective Demonstration.
Block-It Talk-It
• Provides shielding from: Microwaves, RFs, EMFs, E-Fields and more.
• You will not receive calls, texts or email while storing in the pocket but all of your messages will be waiting for you when you need them.
• While we cannot guarantee 100% shielding/blocking 100% of the time due to potential damage or misuse, we have had 100% success in all controlled tests! The Block-it Pocket Works!
• Simply make sure the clasp is securely fastened for complete signal blocking. That's it!
• Eliminates outside entities from tracking or hacking you!
• Avoid annoying phone calls or texts at just the wrong moment!
• No more damaging radiation while carrying your device!
• Provides Protection From EMPs!
• Protects RFID Passports, Credit Cards and Transponders!
• Water Resistant!
• Hand Wash - gentle. Flat Dry.
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How It Works
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