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Block-It <b>Talk-It</b>
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Block-It Talk-It

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PRICE US $24.95
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    • Block-It Talk-It available in All Patterns.
      Also available in larger size 4"x7" for devices larger
      than 3-1/2"x5-1/2"
      Example: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G Flex,
      Nokia Lumia 1520, etc.
      Or standard devices with cases.
      Example: Otter Box, etc.
  • Testimonials
    • Dear Block-it Pocket,I felt compelled to wright you with a testimony on how wonderful your products work.I own a business in the health and wellness field and sell products to my clients that I have personally tried and tested for efficacy and quality.We purchased one each of the pockets, talk-it's and blankets to try. (thank you for the package discount by the way. :) We used professional testing equipment and technicians to test the products and found them to not only perform as advertised, but beyond! We look forward to a long and healthy business relationship with Block-it Pocket!We certainly need more honest American made and based businesses like yours and ours.Thanks so much!
      Kind Regards, Jessica BDear Blockit Pocket,Thank you for such a wonderful product! I now have my two daughters who are on their cell phones constantly using the talkit pouches. They love the different crazy patterns too!I feel so much better knowing they are not getting all of the harmful radiation from the phones.Thank you, Sally B
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Block-It Pocket®
Customer Testimonials
Block-It Pocket<sup>®</sup> <br>Customer Testimonials
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